The girl with 'fierce' blue eyes is Sarah Al Amoudi, alleged Saudi Princess which caused a real mess in London.

For Sarah Al Amoudi is said that is alleged Saudi Princess who has asylum in Britain. The attention of photographers attracted by its natural, piercing blue eyes that shine and stand out from beneath the black veil and clothing that she wear.The attractive Saudi is under doubt that she acts like having a huge amount of money, but Daily Mail writes that she is a poor prostitute from Ethiopia who pretend to be a princess to get real estate in London worth £14m.

The mysterious princess, which is thought to be aged between 31 and 45 years, responded to such accusations claiming that is so rich that every few months she spends a million pounds just perfumes.

We would like to fill our blog with French properties called Gites, usual for the Loire Valley region. This is a guest post from Marc - owner of Luxury Loire Gites. His website is www.luxuryloiregites.com   

Gites as accommodation options, alternatives to lease or traditional hotels, are popular with tourists. For an entrepreneur, this is an opportunity to start his own ... And green at the same time! This is what you need to know.

Get Gîtes de France

The National Federation of Gîtes de France awards through its departmental antennas Gîtes de France, in addition, the federation classifies cottages in five categories, called "spikes."

Ten points should pay attention to the real estate seller and other interested parties
In times of low interest rates, many prospective buyers are thinking about buying a property by. Whether as an investment or for own use, buying a property is associated with high financial transactions. "With the right real estate agent to secure both buyers and sellers a comprehensive consultation, which also protects the financial interests of the consumer," says Polat Ali, Vice General Director of Nelsons Real Estate Agents in London.
Good real estate agents today need to offer than just setting the property data in a presentation or the Internet more. A real pro appraised land and buildings, analyses the market and existing leases. Buyers and sellers have found a real estate agent can provide valuable information for further sales contract law and the search for an appropriate funding. "For the consumer it is often difficult to distinguish reputable and well-qualified service providers of 'black sheep'," says Polat. Nelsons Estate Agency therefore compiled a checklist to help consumers choose the right broker.

Many times a person living rental apartment may want to change or leave having rented. A change of job, being unemployed, divorce or simply the desire to live in another bigger house or cheaper may be one of the reasons. However, at the time recalls that has a contract with his landlord requiring him to stay in it for a while. Hence, there is always the question: is it possible to leave a rented apartment before the end of the contract?

Urban Leases Act is the one that regulates the process of renting a flat and clear:

  1. Landlord and tenant freely agree on the duration of the contract at the time it is rented housing and term unless stated none, the law means that it is one year.
  2. At the end of this period, the tenant may extend the contract for annual installments up to five. so when you rent a house the owner agrees to the tenant, but it also takes a commitment to the homeowner in circumstances such as the above (change of residence, unemployment, change in priorities) is when testing restrictions rent and it is found that the "freedom" leased is intended to live in some limited cases, because if someone started a contract in December with duration of one year, you can just leave the flat in December following months of 30 days notice to the landlord but in the spring there is a more interesting story may be tempting to move without waiting for completion of the contract or annuity in force. This is not recommended because the law requires in this case the tenant to pay the landlord compensation for breach of contract which can be the total of the monthly payments remaining until the deadline agreed.

    What if it's for cause as a job change or divorce? Despite this, the law is clear: the tenant cannot unilaterally leave the floor because it is considered a breach of contract and, by law, have to compensate the owner.

Fourth year in a row, Moscow maintains its status of capital of the world billionaires ranking by the magazine "Forbes". In the last five years the city was once beaten by New York.
After all, we have an interesting trend in the U.S.: many young billionaires of the technology industry prefer not to live in a city, and only in Palo Alto live 10-odd owners of big capital. So the top ten were only two American cities, although the country is headed the list of total number of billionaires.
Four cities in Asia have local billionaires, and four found a place in the top ten. Surprisingly Paris showed in the top 10, although many billionaires said they would leave the city after raising taxes and some of them fled to London and Moscow.
The world's richest man Carlos Slim lives in Mexico. However only one city in Central and South America enter into top ten list.

In the real estate market, now more than ever it is true that old adage in life the only constant is change. And this is so true, now the changes come so rapidly that the future exploits before they can take advantage of the opportunities offered, formerly sequential change today is unpredictable.

Therefore, given the new business processes, a global market and a consumer with better information, challenging and demanding better services, real estate professional agents today are forced to develop new values, beliefs, behaviors and skills to meet every of the challenges.

The real estate professional must accept and recognize the change in the frequency, magnitude, complexity, speed and visibility to not stay stuck in old concepts that are irrelevant in today's world.

"Although most Britons are still struggling with recession and there is high rate of unemployment, London hopes that billionaires will not only return to the city, but will spend a large sum of money" - said Polat Ali from Nelsons estate agents Islington.

London was long valid as the first stop for the richest people in the world. But the recent economic slowdown affected the foreign investors. After a two-year lull, they returned to the city and buy luxury properties in London. Russian oligarchs compete with powerful Middle Eastern families and Nigerian oil tycoons for a piece of the London market, and an increased appetite!